Sunday, July 16, 2006

:; Global Prayer for Peace in the Middle East::

Decrees for Immediate Middle East Harmony and Peace!

Our Heart Felt Consciousness and Decrees are required on Planet Earth this very moment to ensure Global Peace!

Please give these Decrees and Prayers (or your own version) with Divine Confidence and Faith to secure Middle East and Global Harmony and Peace Immediately and Continuously!

Say these Decrees, or your own, until you feel the meaning of each word in every cell of your body, mind and Spirit.

I AM that I AM stopping all war in the Middle East right now!

I AM that I AM harmonizing all nations, all beliefs, all cultures, all Faiths with the power of Divine Love right now and forever!

I AM that I AM the Heart of each Nation and Political Group taking charge of every interaction by the power of Divine Love!

I AM that I AM forcing all warring consciousness into Divine Love this instant and forever through the overwhelming onrush of Divine Love.

I AM that I AM in full control of all peoples of all lands producing perfection and qualifying all the energy released through this conflict into immediate and Eternal Peace by the Power of Divine Love, Now and Forever!

I AM that I AM is the only Power and Presence acting in the Middle East and throughout our World now and forever!

I AM that I AM Peace in my every thought and feeling from this moment forward.
And so it is!

And it is good!