Sunday, July 23, 2006


All peace and protest music.

Here's the first one:

NOT IN OUR NAME July 23, 2006

Featuring songs by John Lennon, The Dixie Chicks, The Thomas Connor Band, The Beatles and MUCH MUCH MORE!


:: Some great news:

There are now 1098 people wearing the armbands!!!!

We have also decided we will accept money orders as well. If you don't have paypal or a credit card, we have no problems with a money order.

Just email me at for my address.

Also, if you are a myspacer, please join our friends list:

Last bit of good news. I will start podcasting protest music this week. So tune back for some inspiration music to move you and get your up to hit the streets.

Friday, July 21, 2006

:: Please send in pics of you with your armbands on::

I am creating a gallery of pictures of our silent protest.

Since about 800 of you have them now, can you snap a pic and send it to and we'll post it on the blog.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

:: I went to a soldier's funeral today::

I knew that on July 8th a soldier from Detroit Lakes, MN was killed in Iraq. He was the 4th national guardsman from my little town to die in the war.

Today was his funeral. I didn't know Spec Troy Linden, 22 but I heard that the phelps sickos were supposed to show up and the church was just walking distance from here. So I decided to go pay my respects and stand with the Patriot Guard Riders in case of any protest.

There were almost 1000 people including the mourners which spilled out into the middle school gym where a TV station from fargo set up a screen for them to attend the funeral.

They also played the speaker from the church outside the church so I stayed to listen. Beautiful eulogies about a kid who loved to snowboard and 4wheel in the mud, a brave kid who joined the Army in 2002 and was sent to Iraq with an engineering batallion in 2005 and died when an IED struck his humvee on a bridge in Ramadi 2 weeks ago.

I listened to the music and the prayers. Seems like half the town turned out.

There were about 300-400 patriot guard riders surrounding the church. I saw some people holding signs down a hill far away from the church, an officer told me there were a few protesters but no one was allowed to go down there. Fine with me.

The service was beautiful and I went there completely emotionally unprepared because I didn't know about this funeral until this morning.

When the honor guard and pall bearers brought the flag covered coffin out of the small church followed by 2 soldiers holding his pregnant mother by her arms while she sobbed followed by Troy's father holding a 5 or 6 yr old boy and a teen age girl behind them.

I lost my breath. There it was, the cost of war 15 feet in front of my face.

I was given a flag to hold by one of the patriot riders and stood lining the street with all the other very sad faced americans standing with me while the patriot riders escorted the hearse and the 5 military vans carrying the young family and all the friends vehicles passed me. I stood with my hand over my heart and all I could think about is what a waste of a life.

It's taken me about an hour to be able to post this.

I'm overwhelmed. Bless Spec. Linden for his service and bless his family in their time of loss.

I've now been to more military funerals than the commander and chief. How very sad.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

:; Global Prayer for Peace in the Middle East::

Decrees for Immediate Middle East Harmony and Peace!

Our Heart Felt Consciousness and Decrees are required on Planet Earth this very moment to ensure Global Peace!

Please give these Decrees and Prayers (or your own version) with Divine Confidence and Faith to secure Middle East and Global Harmony and Peace Immediately and Continuously!

Say these Decrees, or your own, until you feel the meaning of each word in every cell of your body, mind and Spirit.

I AM that I AM stopping all war in the Middle East right now!

I AM that I AM harmonizing all nations, all beliefs, all cultures, all Faiths with the power of Divine Love right now and forever!

I AM that I AM the Heart of each Nation and Political Group taking charge of every interaction by the power of Divine Love!

I AM that I AM forcing all warring consciousness into Divine Love this instant and forever through the overwhelming onrush of Divine Love.

I AM that I AM in full control of all peoples of all lands producing perfection and qualifying all the energy released through this conflict into immediate and Eternal Peace by the Power of Divine Love, Now and Forever!

I AM that I AM is the only Power and Presence acting in the Middle East and throughout our World now and forever!

I AM that I AM Peace in my every thought and feeling from this moment forward.
And so it is!

And it is good!