Thursday, May 18, 2006

Protester assaulted by mob of bush supporters

Bush arrival prompts heated exchange between protester, Bush fans

May 18, 2006, 12:14 pm

Heated words were exchanged at the Yuma County Fairgrounds this morning when a protester held up an anti-President Bush sign as the president was arriving in Yuma.

The sign held up by Yuma resident Ed Snook read: "Save America, Impeach Bush; 2,455 U.S. Dead Because You Misled."

Yuma police officer talks with Bush protester Ed Snook after incident. Sun Photo/Diana Suarez
People gathered in the fairgrounds parking lot, hoping to see Bush's arrival at Yuma International Airport aboard Air Force One, began heckling Snook as he walked along 32nd Street, sign in hand.

"Get rid of that sign," said one person.

Snook, responding to hecklers, said he had a right to walk along the street in protest.

One man eventually pulled the sign out of Snook's hand and destroyed it.

The exchange occurred moments after Air Force One landed. Bush exited the airplane, shook hands with local officials and Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano and then joined a motorcade that took him to San Luis, Ariz., for a tour of the border.

Bush planned to tour the border to see the problem of illegal immigration first-hand.